How to Apply – Artists

How to apply to Naples Picasso Events.

All Naples Picasso Events can be conveniently accessed through ZAPPLICATION ( .

As a proud, paperless company, we encourage artists to use this platform for a streamlined application process. If you have any inquiries regarding Zapplication, feel free to reach out at 303-629-1166.

To be considered for any of our shows, please ensure that you provide the following:

  1. Photos of your work: Kindly submit three to four high-quality images showcasing your artwork and a Booth Shot. These visuals play a significant role in the evaluation process.

  2. Display photo: We require one outdoor display photo, as indoor images are not acceptable. It’s important that we see your complete display, including your white 10’x10′ Dome tent. Foldable Tents and Pop-Up Tents are NOT permitted. Please set up a 10×10 display to demonstrate how you will present your work within the white tent. 

  3. Jury fees (non-refundable): Each art show requires a $38 application processing fee/jury fee.

  4. Art Show fees: The show fees are conveniently listed on Zapplication. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our offices via email or phone to inquire about the fee for each show, as prices may vary. It’s important to note that show fees are to be paid after receiving an invitation to the show. Submitting the show fee confirms your acceptance of the invitation, our policies and the legal agreement and secures your space in the art show. We kindly request that you make the payment promptly upon receiving your invitation.

  5. Artist statements: We value your unique perspective as an artist. Please include an artist statement in all Zapplication applications to provide insight into your work and your artistic journey.

We appreciate your interest in Naples Picasso Events LLC and look forward to reviewing your applications. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Revised Policies and Procedures for Naples Picasso Events Art Shows

General Policies

Eligibility and Conditions for Acceptance

  1. All artwork submitted for display and sale at a Naples Picasso Events Art Show must be designed and executed by the artist who applies.
  2. By applying, artists certify that the images provided represent their original work, including both design and production.
  3. Artwork displayed and sold at any Naples Picasso Events Art Show must be consistent with the work represented in the application images. A Quality Control Committee member will inspect all booths during the show to ensure compliance.
  4. Booths are intended for individual exhibiting artists only, following the “one artist per booth” principle. Sharing booths between multiple artists is not allowed.

Collaborating Artists

  1. Artists who collaborate on single works of art may apply as a single exhibitor under the following conditions: a. Artistic collaborations involve two individuals working together from creative planning to the completion of the artwork. b. Collaborations must be of an artistic nature and not a business collaboration where individuals contribute only to ancillary production or administrative processes (e.g., framing, printing, accounting). c. Collaborations must be identified on the application, and the collaborative efforts of each artist must be clearly defined in the artist statement. d. Acceptance of applications for a single booth space by collaborating artists is at the discretion of the Naples Picasso Events. e. Both collaborating artists must be present during all show hours.
  2. Artwork solely created by apprentices or employees of the applicant will not be accepted.
  3. Commercial agents, dealers, manufacturers, or buy/sell vendors are strictly prohibited from participating or acting as proxies for artists.
  4. Artwork created from commercially available molds, patterns, kits, or other commercial methods, embellished objects, or artwork produced in studios involved in volume production is not permitted.
  5. Artwork made from ready-made items like clothing or furniture with painted, dyed, or added embellishments will not be accepted.
  6. Artwork on display may not be copies of masters, advertisements, widely circulated photographs, or violate copyright laws, including registered trademarks.
  7. No posters, laser prints, t-shirts, postcards, calendars, cards, or other promotional items are permitted.

Wait List

For juried shows, a waitlist will be selected based on jury scores in each category. Wait-listed artists will be invited to participate as cancellations occur in their particular category. For other shows, a waitlist will be selected from accepted applicants based on the date of application. Wait-listed artists can be accepted up to and including the day of the Art Show. They will be notified by phone or email when a booth becomes available. Artists are responsible for ensuring their contact information is up to date and that they can be reached at short notice.

No Show Policy

Artists who do not register and/or notify Naples Picasso Events (239-297-0352) by 7:00 am on the first day of the Art Show will be considered a “no show.” As a result, their assigned booth space(s) and ancillary services (such as parking spaces) will be forfeited without a refund.

Health and Safety Policy

The health and safety of artists, Naples Picasso Events employees, contractors, volunteers, and visitors are paramount. In organizing and managing the Art Show, we adhere to all applicable mandates, guidelines, and instructions from health experts and government officials. We will publish personal health and safety requirements for your information and compliance.

Artist’s Responsibility for Health and Safety

Artists must consider the safety and health of others while present at the Art Show. They should take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of infections or illness, including complying with all health, sanitation, and COVID-specific mandates, guidelines, and instructions from health experts, government officials, and the Art Show Manager.

Insurance Requirements

Participating artists must maintain general liability insurance, including bodily injury and property damage liability, in an amount not less than $1 million for the duration of the Art Show. Proof of such insurance (Certificate of Insurance – COI), listing Naples Picasso Events, 2321 Davis Blvd., Naples, FL 34104, as an additional insured must be provided no later than four weeks before the Art Show. For guidance on artist insurance, you may refer to the following link:; Naples Picasso Events is not affiliated with this site and is not responsible for its content.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Acceptance to the Art Show is non-transferable.
  2. The Art Show is a drug- and alcohol-free environment. Artists are not allowed to smoke in their booths or between booths.
  3. Accepted artists must be present in their booths during all Art Show hours. No agents, representatives, family members, or friends may substitute for the accepted artists’ attendance.
  4. Only artwork in the category accepted through the jury process may be exhibited. Naples Picasso Events reserves the right to remove any artwork not complying with Art Show applications, policies, and requirements.
  5. Artists who close their booths before the designated closing hour will not be permitted to return the following day and/or apply for participation in subsequent years.
  6. Artists must comply with all Art Show and governmental safety requirements.
  7. Tents: Only professional outdoor exhibition canopies such as Lightdome, Extreme Canopies, Trimmline, and similar styles or brands may be used.
  8. Weights: The City Fire Marshal requires all tents to be secured with at least 25 lb. weights on each tent leg, totaling a minimum of 100 lbs. per tent. A Naples Picasso Events Quality Control Committee member will inspect each tent for weights, which must be installed and accessible for inspection at all times. Tents secured by structural or artwork weight solutions may be accepted at the discretion of the inspectors and Fire Marshal, provided such solutions are in place for the duration of the Art Show. Failure to properly secure a tent may result in immediate exclusion from the Art Show.
  9. Fire Extinguishers: The City Fire Marshal and Naples Picasso Events City Permit require each tent to have a fire extinguisher. A Naples Picasso Events Quality Control Committee member will inspect each tent for a fire extinguisher. Failure to have the required equipment may result in immediate exclusion from the Art Show. A fire extinguisher may be purchased from Naples Picasso Events for $40, subject to availability.
  10. Tables must be covered and skirted to the ground safely for visitors.
  11. No two-dimensional artwork may be displayed on the ground.
  12. Naples Picasso Events sets setup and Breakdown procedures in collaboration with local officials to ensure safe and efficient entry and exit from the Art Show area. All artists must follow specific setup and breakdown directions.
  13. Artists must only park in designated artist parking areas, as specified in the artist information packet. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from future Art Shows. Premium parking spaces may be reserved for select Art Shows through Naples Picasso Events, subject to availability.
  14. Discount/sales signs, ribbons, and awards from previous or other shows are prohibited.
  15. The Naples Picasso Events ID Sign must be displayed prominently at the front of the booth, visible to visitors, staff, and officials.
  16. Each exhibitor is responsible for collecting and remitting Florida State sales tax to the Florida Department of Revenue. For more information on sales tax, you may visit:

Legal Agreement


In consideration of my participation in the Naples Picasso Event’s Art Show on xxx xxx, xxx, I agree to the following:

  1. Definitions
    • “NPE shall mean the Naples Picasso Events
    • “Artist” shall represent the exhibiting artist
    • “Artist Parties” shall refer to the Artist’s employees, agents, customers, visitors, invitees, licensees, contractors, and designees.
  2. Acknowledgment
    • The Artist acknowledges receiving, reading, understanding, and agreeing to comply with all NPE’s Art Show Policies, Procedures, Rules, and Regulations, the Art Show Manager’s instructions, and any event-specific schedules and requirements.
  3. Fees and Refunds

3.1. Fees

  • The Artist agrees to pay all fees by the stated payment deadlines. Booth fees for this Art Show are due no later than xxx xx, 20xx. Failure to submit all required documents and booth fees by this date will automatically cancel the Artist’s participation. 3.2. Refunds
  • Application and Parking Fees are non-refundable.
  • Booth Fees:
    • Cancellations should be submitted in writing no later than 60 days before the scheduled art show. In the event of a timely cancellation, you will be eligible for credit equivalent to the full amount of art show fees paid. This credit will remain valid for a period of 1 year, providing you with the opportunity to utilize it towards future art show participation.
    • Refunds will not be provided under normal circumstances, except in cases where Naples Picasso Events has canceled a show with sufficient advance notice. Once logistical and advertising arrangements have been finalized for a show, any subsequent cancellation will not warrant a refund in accordance with our policies. This policy extends to all situations, including those arising from such as access restrictions, venue damage, war, terrorism, acts of God, fire, flood, hurricanes, tornados, weather, national or local calamity, national or local pandemic, riot, civil disorder, actions or regulations by public authorities, or any unforeseen occurrence or labor dispute, including strikes or lockouts as stated in the application. It is important to note that regardless of whether you have paid the total amount or not, you remain responsible for settling the outstanding balance. While we acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances can occur unexpectedly, we regretfully cannot make any exceptions to this policy.
  • 3. Cancellation/Refund Exception for Force Majeure
  • If the Art Fair is canceled or interrupted due to reasons beyond NPE’s control, such as access restrictions, venue damage, war, terrorism, acts of God, fire, flood, weather, national or local calamity, national or local pandemic, riot, civil disorder, actions or regulations by public authorities, or any unforeseen occurrence or labor dispute, including strikes or lockouts, NPE may, in its sole discretion, credit booth fees to future events. Neither the Artist nor NPE shall be liable to the other for any damages caused. Credits must be used within 12 months of the event or will be considered earned by NPE and non-refundable.
  1. Artist Registration, Booth Set Up, and Attendance 4.1. The artist must be present and provide valid photo identification at registration. 4.2. Artist agrees to comply with the Load-In and Set-Up Schedule determined by NPE in collaboration with local officials and in conformance with City requirements and NPE’s event permit. Booth set-up must be completed between xx:xx am and xx:xx am on xxx, xxx x, xxxx. All vehicles must be out of the setup area by xx: xx am. No parking or unloading outside the scheduled times is allowed. Violators may be subject to fines and future exclusion from NPE Art Shows. 4.3. The Artist agrees to be present in their booth during all the Art Show posted hours. Art Show hours are from xx am to xx pm.
  2. Artist Representation of Original Artwork
    • The Artist represents that all artwork submitted for the jury process and displayed for sale at the Art Show is original work designed and executed by the Artist. All work exhibited must be for sale. Mass-produced objects, kits, molds, embellished objects, commercial reproductions, or exhibitor posters are prohibited. Artists may only display and sell work in the medium they applied for. NPE reserves the right to advise the Artist regarding non-compliant artwork and take necessary action, including requiring immediate removal of non-compliant artwork, asking the Artist to leave the Art Show, and denying the Artist participation in future Art Shows.
  3. Rules, Regulations, Applicable Laws, and Professional Conduct
    • The Artist agrees to abide by all federal, state, and local rules, regulations, and laws applicable to the Art Show. The Artist acknowledges that the Art Show is a public event open to attendees of all ages, interests, and backgrounds and agrees to represent themselves and NPE civilly and professionally.
  4. Use of Images 7.1. By Naples Picasso Events “NPE”
    • The Artist grants NPE, its agents, assigns, and employees permission to use photographs, video, and other recordings of the Artist’s displays and artwork for promotional, marketing, and/or educational purposes without remuneration to the Artist. This permission includes use in news releases, print, television, social media, and NPE websites. 7.2. By the Artist
    • Photographs, videos, and other recordings taken by the Artist or Artist Parties during or as a result of participating in the Art Show are subject to scrutiny and approval by NPE in its sole and absolute discretion. NPE may require the removal of any images or recordings deemed inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable for any reason. Failure to comply may result in removal from the Art Show, exclusion from future Art Shows, or legal remedies exercised by NPE against the Artist.
  5. Use of Reviews and Testimonials
    • The Artist grants permission to NPE, its agents, assigns, and employees to reference or use reviews or testimonials published or posted by the Artist about the NPE Art Show for marketing purposes.
  6. Canopies and Display Requirements
    • The Artist agrees to adhere to the “Exhibition Canopy and Display Requirements” specified in the Artist Information Guide. These requirements ensure the safety and protection of artists, patrons, and artwork. Only professional outdoor exhibition canopies meeting the specified criteria may be used. Suppose the Artist does not possess a suitable canopy or is physically incapable of setting one up. In that case, it is the Artist’s responsibility to explore and arrange for third-party rental solutions. Stockpiling or storing equipment, artwork, materials, or supplies in public view near the booth or on sidewalks is prohibited. The Artist understands that non-compliance with these requirements will result in immediate removal from the Art Show and acknowledges sole responsibility for protecting and securing their artwork and materials.
  7. Parking
    • The Artist agrees to the “Parking Requirements” specified in the Artist Information Guide. Compliance with these requirements is mandatory as designated by the City and NPE’s permit. Non-compliance may result in immediate removal from the Art Show and denied participation in future Art Shows.
  8. Insurance
    • The Artist agrees to provide proof of general liability insurance, including bodily injury and property damage liability, in an amount not less than $1 million, listing Naples Picasso Events 2321 Davis Blvd. Naples, FL 34104, as an additional insured, by xxxx xx, 20xx.
  9. Liability and Release
    • The Artist, as a result of this, releases, indemnifies and holds harmless Naples Picasso Events, the City of Naples, Collier County their employees, volunteers, representatives, assignees, affiliated organizations, vendors, and suppliers from any and all claims, losses, liabilities, demands, damages, theft, or costs (including attorney’s fees) arising before, during, or after the Art Show due to negligence, failure to perform under this Agreement, or other acts, foreseen or unforeseen. The Artist further releases Naples Picasso Events, Collier County, and the City of Naples from all actions, claims, and demands for injury, death, or damage to personal property, equipment, or artwork. The Artist is encouraged to carry liability, personal injury, theft, and event interruption/cancellation insurance for their artwork and personal protection.
  10. Knowing and Voluntary Execution
    • The Artist acknowledges having carefully read and fully understood the contents of this Agreement. The Artist understands that failure to comply with this Agreement and the Art Show regulations will result in removal from the Art Show. This Agreement constitutes a legally enforceable contract and release of liability between the Artist and Naples Picasso Events, and the Artist signs it voluntarily.

By signing this Agreement, the Artist acknowledges their understanding and acceptance of all the policies, procedures, rules, and regulations outlined herein for the Naples Picasso Events Art Shows organized by Naples Picasso Events