Display Requirements Art Festival

Art Festival Display Guidelines: Showcasing your artwork with elegance, sophistication, and attention to detail.

For outdoor events, it is mandatory to use white canopies that are capable of withstanding various weather conditions, including wind and rain. Only Dome Tents such as Trimmline, Lightdome, or similar models are permitted, while Foldable Tents and “Pop-Up” Tents are strictly prohibited. Optimal choices for canopies in these conditions include Trimmline, CraftHut, Light Dome, and similar brands. Ensure that no metal is exposed on your panels and refrain from using sale signs or handwritten signage. Your company name or artist name should be visually appealing without being overly bold or obstructive. Adding a carpet, attractive fabric accents, and a couple of plants can provide a delightful touch. Please note that tables are not allowed at Naples Picasso Events Art Shows.

Your ultimate objective is to create an outdoor gallery space measuring 10 x 10. Your display should not only enhance the value of your artwork but also serve as the enticing factor that draws customers into your booth. Strive for uniqueness, elegance, and alignment with your artistic persona. Remember, customers are not merely purchasing your work; they are acquiring a piece of your artistic essence.

2D Display Requirements:

Applicable to painters, photographers, mixed media artists, and more. Ensure consistency in framing and matting. Remove cardboard corners from artwork during the show. A minimum of 75% of original pieces should be hung on the walls, beautifully matted and framed. Giclees must be professionally labeled as such. Avoid using plastic bins or cheap retail browse bins for displaying prints. Instead, opt for browse boxes that either match your panels or align with the same fabric and color scheme. Ideally, position the boxes as freestanding units as placing them on tables diminishes the value of your prints. Your booth must have panels (walls) that are covered with fabric or carpeting.

3D Display Requirements:

For pottery, ceramics, raku, glass, wood, and other three-dimensional artwork. Utilize varying levels to present your pottery, ceramics, raku, glass, and wood pieces effectively. Paint pedestals in appealing colors that enhance your work or consider attractive shelving alternatives if pedestals are not suitable for your display. Similar to the 2D requirements, ensure that your booth has panels (walls) covered with fabric or carpeting.

Jewelry Display Requirements:

Wood or mica units, with or without glass, embellished with coral, stones, or other creative elements, can enhance the appeal of your jewelry.

For detailed information, kindly refer to the General Policies, Rules and Regulations, and the Legal Agreement.

We recommend the following vendors for purchasing dome tents and other equipment:

  • Flourish: 1-800-296-0049
  • Showoff: 1-800-771-7469
  • Light Dome: 1-800-351-8889
  • Pro Panels: 1-800-525-4159