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Frequently Asked Questions

Artist FAQ's

  1. Application requirements for shows: To apply for our shows, please visit www.zapplication.org or visit our become an Exhibitor page, where you will find a detailed outline of all the necessary steps.

  2. Display picture requirement: For our outdoor events, it is mandatory to provide an outdoor display picture (Booth Shot) during the jurying process. Failure to include this picture will result in your application not being considered. We recommend setting up a display in your backyard or any suitable location to capture the essence of your booth. The display photos you submit must accurately represent the booth you will set up at our shows. It’s crucial to maintain consistency, as any significant deviations may lead to removal from the show. We emphasize that your display is equally important as your artwork.

  3. Regarding show deadlines: We generally do not have specific deadlines for most of our art shows. However, if an art show does have a deadline, it will be clearly indicated. The art shows will close once we have reached the maximum number of juried exhibitors for the available space. It’s important to note that many of our art shows and categories may close early, so we recommend applying as soon as the application becomes available.

  4. Bringing pets to shows: At Naples Picasso Events, we welcome both artists/crafters and patrons to bring their dogs to our outdoor shows. However, we kindly request that your pet is friendly, gentle, well-behaved, and kept on a leash. It’s important to ensure that your dog doesn’t disturb your neighbors. Please note that not all outdoor events are pet-friendly, so we recommend checking the show location rules prior to your arrival with your pet.

  5. Sales tax collection: As per government laws, all sales of tangible goods must be taxed. Sales tax rates vary depending on the state, county, and sometimes the city. It is your responsibility to research, collect, and report your sales and taxes accordingly. We recommend contacting the local department of revenue for the show venue to obtain additional information. In some cases, the local tax office may request a list of exhibitors, and we are obligated to comply with their requirements.

  6. Classification of artwork as fine art or craft: If you are unsure about the category in which your work falls, you can email your photos and description to naplespicasso@gmail.com for review. Please include a letter requesting a review for classification under art or craft, along with a biography explaining your artistic process. Our committee will assess your work based on our guidelines and inform you of the appropriate classification. Please note that this step does not guarantee acceptance into a particular show.

  7. Waitlist procedure: If a show or category is already closed, you have the option to apply for the waitlist. You can submit your application in the same manner as usual (via Zapplication or paper application) and indicate “WAITLIST” next to the closed show if applying on paper. The show fee will not be cashed unless we contact you and you accept a spot in the show. If you are not accepted, your deposit will be returned. Please keep in mind that you may not know if you are accepted until the week of the show, although in rare cases, we may contact waitlisted artists up to 30 days prior to the show due to cancellations. It’s advisable to contact us at the beginning of the week preceding the show to check for availability and provide your best contact number. Final notifications will be sent after the show layout is completed.

  8. Friday night set up: Due to logistical constraints on street venues, we are unable to facilitate Friday night set up for most of our events. Your confirmation letter will indicate whether a show has a Friday set up. This detail is determined by the property or host city and cannot be changed once their decision is made.

  9. Acceptance notification timeline: The jurying process typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks, although it may take longer when new applications are received. Applying early ensures that you won’t be left wondering close to the show date. If you apply near the show date, your application will be expedited through our system. We appreciate your patience, as our office receives numerous applications daily. Each submission is carefully reviewed for completeness and accuracy. If you haven’t received a confirmation before the week of the show, feel free to contact our office. It is your responsibility to follow up on your application, and if you haven’t received any confirmation, we recommend contacting our office. Outdated email addresses may also contribute to a lack of communication.

  10. Payment procedures for deposits and balances: Separate checks should be provided for all deposits, as acceptance into some shows doesn’t guarantee acceptance into others. By sending separate checks, we can return the money for shows you are not confirmed for or place you on the waitlist. However, account balances may be paid using a single check. Please indicate the shows you are paying for in the memo section of your check.

  11. Applying for multiple shows: Since each of our shows is juried separately, you must apply to each one individually. Acceptance into one show does not guarantee acceptance into others. Complete applications, including photos of your work and display, are required for consideration. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  12. Requesting space for a show: You may make a space request when submitting your deposit/booth fee or no later than 3 weeks prior to the show. Requests must be made before the show layout is completed. Please contact our office or email your request. Verbally making requests to a show coordinator will not be recorded. While we do our best to accommodate requests, there are no guarantees, especially if multiple exhibitors request the same space. The final decision will depend on space availability and the overall aesthetic of the show.

  13. Balances due: Payment at the show will not be accepted. If full payment, including the late fee, is not received by the Friday before the show, you may not be allowed to participate, and your space may be given to another exhibitor. To ensure a smooth process, please contact our offices to confirm receipt of your payment prior to participation. Repeated late payments may result in the loss of art show participation.

  14. Adverse weather and booth protection: We cannot reschedule shows for future weekends in the event of adverse weather due to our full calendar of events. If inclement weather is expected, please check our website or contact our office for updates on show status. Our shows are held rain or shine, and we do not cancel in advance. If a show is canceled due to a decision by the property or host city, we will make every effort to notify you in advance. However, no credits or refunds will be issued if we are unable to cancel prior to making logistical or advertising arrangements. The decision and timeline for cancellation will be at our discretion. If a show is canceled on-site due to hazardous weather conditions, credits or refunds will not be issued. It is your responsibility to ensure that your tent is sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. When purchasing a dome tent, inquire about its maximum wind and rain resistance. Adequate weights should be placed on each tent leg, with a standard recommendation of 50 pounds per leg. Tents must also be certified flame-retardant dome canopies. Please bring a copy of the certificate to the shows.Foldable and “Pop-Up” Tents are NOT permitted.Only Dome Tents are permitted like Trimmline, Lighdome, Finale, CraftHut or similar. Before staking your tent on any surface other than grass or hard dirt, please consult with the Naples Picasso Events.

  15. Handmade artwork requirement: It is crucial that the work you display is your own and handmade. We strictly prohibit the sale of buy-sell items, kits, or mass-produced products at all our art shows.

  16. Attending the booth personally: At Naples Picasso Evens, we value the opportunity for attendees to meet the artist/crafter personally. Therefore, it is mandatory that the actual artist/crafter is present at their booth throughout the entire duration of the art show.

  17. Full participation in the show: Exhibitors are required to attend and occupy their booths for the entire duration of the show. Partial participation for a single day is not permitted.